Managing Licenses

Once purchase any number of licenses, visit to view your account page. Here you can access all information about your account.

Login in Revit and Rhino to associate the machine with your account.

Using Licenses

There are two primary methods for users to access licenses:

  1. Using owned licenses. Log in with your account in Revit and Rhino to use your own purchased licenses

  2. Using team licenses Use licenses from a shared pool owned by the team of the account that purchased the licenses.

License usage is dynamic and the consumption mechanism is automatic. Licenses are assigned to a machine when an import/export is used and released automatically after a defined amount of time. When the license is released it can be used by another machine.

Logging out does not release the license, this is done server-side.


The main account holder has the option to invite other users to join their team and share licenses. To manage your team, visit the Teams page. These team members must have an active account by registering with their own email address. By adding team members, all team members will be able to use team licenses when available.

License Usage

To view what machines are currently using the licenses and when the ownership expires visit the Licenses page on your acocunt.

You can also view the history of usage in the BEAM Dashboard

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