Add properties to Rhino® objects

In Rhino, use the panel to assign the following properties to Rhino objects:

  • Family - The family that owns the object. Objects in blocks are always assigned to the block family.

  • Subcategory - Revit subcategory of the object. This property is not available for System Families.

  • Material - Material to apply to the object. This is always the Rhino material assigned to the object.

  • Data - Extra metadata visible only in Dynamo.

Assigning properties to Rhino objects

Selecting suitable objects will activate the panel. Type values in the parameter fields to assign the property to one or more geometries. Press enter to apply.

The material property is the Rhino Material assigned to the object. Changing the material property in the panel will change the Rhino object material.

If the object's material is assigned by layer, this will change it to by object.

If a material does not exist in Rhino, BEAM will add it to the Rhino document. You can amend its appearance in the Rhino material browser.

Material names that contain these characters: \:{ }[]|;<>?`~ Will not be exported as they are invalid for Revit.

When importing in Revit if a subcategory or material does not exist, it will be created.

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