Export Rhino® geometry as Autodesk® Revit™ families

Exporting a .beam

Select manually the objects to be exported or use F to quickly select multiple families. Press BEAM to start exporting.

Name the .beam to recognize it later and for archival purposes.

If left empty, BEAM will create a random code.

Using a name that already exists will overwrite the previous .beam

The .beam will then be saved in the designated .beam directory.

Blocks will not be exported with BEAM. To export blocks use BLOCS.

In Revit, use BEAM for Revit to import or update families, URSA to place adaptive components.

Not exported geometries

Non valid geometry will not be exported. A dialog will display the elements that where not exported with information about the error. Copy to clipboard the GUIDs and use S to select these objects.

Selecting not exported or imported geometry

Copy to clipboard the log values from either Rhino or Revit and paste them in the dialog using S on the Rhino panel. Press select to select the objects.

If objects are inside blocks, the whole block will be selected.

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