Latest BEAM updates


New Features
  • Compatible with Rhino 8
  • Select multiple geometry types and assign properties and parameters simultaneously
  • BEAM
    • Export / Import blocks and geometry at the same time
    • Automatic family with option Use Existing, families matching block names will be used
  • Grasshopper
    • Rename families
  • RAY
    • Export using Rhino 7 or Rhino 8

General Improvements

  • Several bug fixes and improvements
  • Improved geometry compatibility and materials
  • Hidden geometry in blocks will not be exported
  • Dark mode for Rhino 8 and Revit


New Features
  • Compatible with Revit 2024 ( )
  • Export / Import in Project Base Point
  • Select Project Location to Export / Import
  • Visibility settings for geometry in Rhino: Fine, Medium and Coarse
  • Import lines and arcs in Revit
  • Lines and Arcs subcategories as Revit line styles
    • Option to import family not as work-plane based
  • Grasshopper
    • Select block from the model
    • Find model by Mark
    • Delete Level
    • Find Level by height
    • Export Ifc
  • RAY
    • Groups can now be exported
  • IFC
    • Columns, floors, walls, ceilings are automatically split by brep.

General Improvements

  • Several bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed and issue with RAY returning null


New Features
  • Compatible with Revit 2023
    • New options when using existing families
  • Grasshopper
    • Get all Block Definition names in Rhino document
    • Get all Block instances by Definition name
    • Read / write Block instance Parameter
    • Export Blocks to .beam file
    • Read User Text from object
  • RAY
    • Groups can now be exported

General Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where material surface and background colour did not apply to imported family objects
  • Fixed an issue where mirrored or copied blocks did not get a new Mark
  • Fixed an issue when importing system components blocks
  • Fixed an issue where scaled blocks did not mirror correctly
  • Fixed an IFC compatibility issue with Solibri
  • Fixed an issue with IFC location returning null
  • Fixed IFC Panel behaviour
  • Fixed IFC Windows and Door type not exporting correctly
  • Fixed BEM panel opening when copy pasting in Rhino
  • Fixed an issue when importing shared parameters crashing Rhino
  • Fixed an issue when mirrored blocks were not updated because they missed Mark value
  • Improved performance in large files
  • Better login error information
  • Improved UI performance with large datasets


Licensed users, read this!
This is a major release includes critical changes to licensing.
From 1st of July 2022 licenses will stop working on all previous versions.
Lite version is not affected.
New Features
  • New languages available: Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese ( Simplified )
  • Parameters are now distinguished between Type and Instance
  • SubD objects are now natively exported
  • Faster area collection
    • Blocks are now always instances
    • Update previously placed blocks
  • Grasshopper
    • Export .beam files from selected objects.
General Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • UI adjustments
  • Speed and stability increased
  • User experience improvements
  • Fixed an issue with BLOCS when files with blocks are scaled to new unit system and block definition geometry does not ( Rhino 7 only )
  • Fixed Dynamo .dll referencing


New Features
  • IFC
    • Export Rhino geometry and data in IFC 4
    • IFC Document data
    • Levels
    • Parameter Types
    • Parameter Sets
    • IFC Types and Predefined Types
    • Define Rhino Document Coordinates
    • Export with custom origin
  • RAY
    • Use Rhino Inside Technology
    • Improved materials
    • Improved geometry quality
    • Improved speed
    • Launch Rhino from inside Revit
    • Exports elements as named groups
  • Grasshopper
    • Create Levels
    • Get Levels
    • Set Point Parameters
    • Set IFC Data
    • Get Objects by Family name
General Improvements
  • Compatible with Revit 2022
  • Panel Updates when using BEAM Grasshopper Components
  • Improved nested elements selection in RAY
  • Fixed an issue with degenerate topography meshes from Revit
  • URSA language compatibility improved
  • Fixed Revit 2018 License issue
  • Fixed Grasshopper baking first object missing
  • UI adjustments
  • Minor bug fixes


New Features
  • Schedule and edit instanced blocks and curves/points
  • Material Type Parameter assigned to Family in Revit
  • Automatic Mark assignment to block instances and curve/points
    • Blocks can be imported in Families, the definition geometry will be used.
  • URSA
    • update Adaptive Components with Mark
  • RAY
    • export Mark when exporting Adaptive Components
  • Grasshopper
    • Bake to Layer
General Improvements
  • New modern and reactive UI
  • Improved stability
  • Optimized Grasshopper Components
  • Fixed a Dynamo incompatibility issue
  • Faster geometry area check
  • Fixed import units issue with RAY in Rhino.
  • Cancel editing Parameters
  • Fixed .beam file padding for unconventional machine environments


New Features
  • Compatible with Rhino 7
  • The following Categories will be imported as Loadable Families
    • Ceilings
    • Curtain Panels
    • Floors
    • Roofs
    • Stairs
    • Topography
    • Walls
  • BEAM
    • Create Revit Materials from Rhino Materials
    • Export and import multiple blocks types at the same time
    • Instantiate Rhino blocks parameters
    • New dialog with blocks previews
  • RAY
    • Import Revit Materials and Parameters from Revit to Rhino
    • Pre select solid elements
    • Export in Shared Coordinates
General Improvements
  • Quick buttons to assign Families and Materials
  • Improved memory usage
  • Speed and stability increased
  • Fixed a bug related to Materials assigned to layers in Rhino
  • Fixed a bug related to Revit Materials with invalid or uninitialized colours
  • Fixed Curtain Panels Loadable families mirror with BLOCS
  • Fixed Transfer Properties not applying subcategories to blocks
  • Fixed a bug related to Shared Coordinates
  • Fixed Curtain Panels showing twice in the dropdown
  • Fixed bug in RAY when exporting edges inside families
  • RAY will no longer show parameters with incompatible Categories


New Features:
  • Compatible with Revit 2021
  • Query now counts curves in Families
  • Updated Custom Parameters Dialog with new format
  • Edit Custom Parameters and remove multiple Custom Parameters.
  • Rhino Materials are automatically assigned as BEAM materials.
  • BEAM
    • Added option to force update system families.
    • Rhino blocks are automatically assigned families
    • Blocks can be renamed using the Panel in Rhino
    • Select visible Blocks by block definition name
    • Added ability to import automatically while using BLOCS in Revit
    • System Families can be imported and placed using import feature
  • RAY
    • Export adaptive components as polylines
General Improvements
  • Revit Progress Bar stays always on top of Revit
  • Minor bug fixes


New Features:
  • Import using Shared Coordinates
General Improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • UI adjustments
  • Fixed a bug exporting closed curves failing the beam export
  • Fixed a localization problem in RAY preventing export
  • Fixed Dynamo warnings about missing directories
  • Improved high DPI screens compatibility


General Improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


First stable release of BEAM!
Last modified 1mo ago