Getting Started

Activating the Panel

To activate the Rhino panel click on the option wheel in the Rhino panel dock and select BEAM

All BEAM data will be saved in the Rhino document.


Via the Rhino panel is possible to assign properties and parameters to objects and families, manage families in the document, set project folders and more.

Compatible Geometry

BEAM can export only manifold and valid Rhino geometry.

  • Surfaces

  • Polysurfaces

  • Sub-D

  • Meshes

  • Points

  • Lines

  • Polylines

  • Nurbscurves

  • Polycurves

  • Circles

  • Ellipses

  • Arcs

  • Elliptical Arcs

Non exportable geometries will be skipped. The GUID of the objects will be shown at the end of the export.

Sub-D export is native from version 1.7. In previous versions, to export Sub-D objects in Rhino 7, convert them to nurbs first.

Start assigning properties to Rhino objects and creating families and parameters.


Rhino Tools

BEAM for Rhino includes the following tools:


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