Create and manage family parameters

Families have a set of standard parameters: category, comments, mark, keynote, type mark and workset. Parameters can be type or instance. To create more parameters use P.

Select one or more object that belongs to a family or a block to edit its parameters using the Panel. Use Q to edit in a table format.

The parameters need to exist in Revit as project or system parameters to be populated.

Custom parameters

To add additional custom parameters to families use P on the panel.

Each parameter will be populated in Revit according to its type. Numbers will require numbers and so on. Wrong parameters will not be populated. You will not receive a warning if this happens, always check your data when importing.

Parameters can be type or instance. Each instance has unique instance parameters and type parameters common to all instances.

The Rhino document units will be used to create the values in Revit.

Importing shared parameters

You can import parameters from a shared parameters text file. Press import to select the .txt file and select the parameter to import.

Scheduling family parameters

To visualize and edit all families and parameters in the document use Q on the panel.

Family and parameters can be exported in formatted .csv table for further query inside Excel.

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