Import Rhino® geometries as Autodesk® Revit™ families

Importing a .beam

Select the .beam exported from Rhino with BEAM .

BEAM will search for .beam files in the current .beam directory listing them in chronological order.

Only Solids, Surfaces and Meshes will be imported. To import blocks, use BLOCS. To use curves and points to place components use URSA. Use Dynamo to retrieve all the geometry and data in the .beam.

Importing in projects

When used in projects you can import elements as loadable families or system families depending on the category used or the import as option.

Some categories can only be imported as system families.

It is possible to import geometry by Revit project origin or by shared coordinates.

Importing in families

In a Family environment BEAM will import the geometry not grouped.

Add geometry to existing Families and bring Rhino geometry in special types of families.

System categories

Some categories of families will always be imported as system families (DirectShape) :

  • Mullions

  • Ramps

Subcategories and materials will be assigned to the imported solids, surfaces or meshes. If a subcategory does not exist it will be created. If a material does not exist it will be created. You can then change it in the Revit material browser. Parameters will be assigned to the families / components provided the parameters exist in Revit and the type of parameter is correct. e.g. type / instance ; numbers, text etc..

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