Loadable Families

You can choose to Import a .beam as loadable families.

Some categories will always be imported as system families.

BEAM will use by default the generic models and mass templates located in: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT XXXX\Family Templates\English

Importing as loadable families

Importing as loadable families will place family instances in the project with the name, category and parameters assigned with BEAM in Rhino.

These families can be edited by the user like a normal Revit family.

Appending geometry

Using the append family geometry option will add the .beam geometry to existing families in Revit without replacing all of it. Using this feature is possible to add missing or new shapes to a family directly from the project.

Updating a previously imported Family

By importing via BEAM a family that already exists in the project will update the the family without placing it again. This is true even if the family was moved or copied around. It will perform like Load Family.

If the geometry or properties of the family were edited manually inside Revit, those edits will be lost when importing a new version of the family with BEAM, the same way as when loading a family in a project manually.

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