Use Rhino® Blocks to place Autodesk® Revit™Families

BLOCS will place family instances based on the blocks transformations saved in the .beam. It is possible to import the family while placing or use an existing family.

Using the import family feature it will be possible to place also system families.

Import and place family instances using Rhino blocks

Select the .beam exported from Rhino with BLOCS. Use the option import family to import the blocks and place instances to place them in the document.

To update the family geometry without placing instances uncheck Place Instances.

Place an existing family using Rhino blocks

Select from the drop-down list the .beam containing blocks information and the family to place using blocks transformations. Both native and imported families are available.

If a family is set to always vertical or is not workplace based, not all the blocks transformations will be applied to the object. Only rotations in XY plane and translations are permitted for these types of objects. Make sure to apply to Rhino blocks the transformations that are allowed by the family you choose.

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