Licensing Scheme

Manage Account and Licenses

Find the LICENSE button in Revit in the MKS tab under the main tools, in Rhino, on the top right corner of the Panel.

Login with email and password in Revit or Rhino to link your BEAM PRO Account to the machine.

Activation requires internet connection to work.

How the License Scheme works

BEAM PRO uses a floating licensing scheme and will consume a license from your account only when an import / export tool is used and release it after a cool-down period.

You must wait this time before the license can be consumed by another machine. The period varies depending on the type of account.

Account typeLicense range"Cool-down" License period

BEAM PRO Standard



BEAM PRO Enterprise



Any account with less than 10 licenses is considered as Standard Account. Any account with more than 10 licenses will be an Enterprise Account

Purchasing more licenses will automatically transform a Standard Account into an Enterprise Account.

Login with your account on multiple machines to make use of all your licenses or add other accounts to your TEAM so they can use your licenses.

To manage your licenses and TEAM visit

Licenses are automatically released server-side after the cool-down peridod. Logging out, closing the program or turning off the machine will not release the seat.

Wait for the time to expire and it will be immediately available to use.

Visit to view how much time is left before the license is available again.

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