Manage Account and Licenses

Find the LICENSE button in Revit in the MKS tab under the main tools, in Rhino, on the top right corner of the Panel.

Login with email and password in Revit or Rhino to link your BEAM PRO Account to the machine.

Activation requires internet connection to work.

How the License Scheme works

BEAM PRO uses a floating licensing scheme and will consume a license from your account only when an import / export tool is used and release it after a cool-down period.

You must wait this time before the license can be consumed by another machine. The period varies depending on the type of account.

Any account with less than 10 licenses is considered as Standard Account. Any account with more than 10 licenses will be an Enterprise Account

Purchasing more licenses will automatically transform a Standard Account into an Enterprise Account.

Login with your account on multiple machines to make use of all your licenses.

To manage your licenses visit

Using licenses

Visit the page below for more information about managing licenses.


The BEAM installer executable can be launched in "very silent" mode, so no dialogs are shown to the user. Below is the command line to do so.

setup.exe /VERYSILENT

Automatic login can be achieved by placing a special encrypted license file ( beam.lic ) after install in a specific folder. You can retrieve this file from an existing installed and logged copy of BEAM in the same location. The location of beam.lic is:


Once obtained the .lic file, is sufficient to copy it in this directory for the user to automatically login. This operation can be done after the install is complete by a script in your deployment software.

If login credentials are changed the .lic file will need to be regenerated and re-deployed.

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